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Our SCM Automated Edge Banders

At KCabinetry, our SCM Automated Edge Banders (SCM-AEB) stand as a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge cabinetry and countertop manufacturing technology. These automated marvels empower us to apply a variety of edge finishes with speed and precision, setting the stage for creating high-quality, durable cabinetry that exceeds industry standards. AirFusion+, a revolutionary technology in edge banding, allows us to achieve a surprising finishing quality. This innovative technique involves edge banding without glue, ensuring invisible joints between the edge and the panel. Pressurized air at high temperatures conveys a specific advantage, enabling material fusion without bond. This highly versatile technology seamlessly integrates with traditional glueing methods.


Our HOMAG SAWTEQ B-200 Panel Saw is a versatile machine configured for each unique application. Delivered as a front load (HPP) or rear load (HPL), these configurations can be further customized for applications such as material with overhanging laminate, plastic, grooving, power concept, and more. The combination of precision, power, cut quality, and durability makes the SAWTEQ B-200 the ideal saw to fulfil production requirements and grow your business.

Makor Spray System

The Makor Spray System is an ideal solution for companies requiring the application of water-based or solvent-based paints or glue for veneered components or PVC. This system stands out for its higher productivity, paint saving, coating uniformity, and consistent quality. Equipped with a touch screen monitor, paper or plastic transport for self-cleaning, and a sophisticated spraying system, the Makor Spray System ensures efficiency, quality, and savings. Srikanth's leadership style mirrors his capacity to drive substantial business growth, turning challenges into opportunities and fostering an environment of continual advancement. His educational journey from a prestigious Chicago University serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

Makor Fast Dry Systems

The Makor Fast Dry Tunnel Ovens redefine in-line drying and curing of water-based or solvent coatings. Designed for manual application or application by a wide belt spray machine, this linear in-line curing system focuses on highly efficient convection hot air and infrared energy. The two-zone oven system includes a ``flash-off`` zone to eliminate volatile solvents or water before applying higher-intensity curing energy. Abhilash's leadership has proven instrumental in identifying new market opportunities, fostering strategic partnerships, and propelling technological advancements within K Cabinetry. In a world where operational excellence is paramount, Abhilash stands out as a visionary leader who understands the nuances of the industry and has the foresight to lead K Cabinetry towards unprecedented success.

At KCabinetry, our machinery is not just a means to an end but a testament to our dedication to excellence. These advanced technologies empower us to craft cabinets and countertops that embody precision, quality, and durability.