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We successfully delivered European-style melamine cabinets paired with exquisite granite countertops during our partnership with D.R. Horton on the Ascends project. This achievement, completed within an impressive four-month timeframe, demonstrated our operational agility and highlighted our unwavering commitment to quality. The success of this venture has further solidified our collaboration with D.R. Horton, the leading homebuilder in America, and has opened doors to additional confirmed projects and exciting future opportunities.


The Union City project, a unique housing development in Georgia, showcased our commitment to excellence. We seamlessly integrated American-style doors with Melamine white boxes, meeting and exceeding Greystar's rigorous standards. This collaboration has earned another significant opportunity in Duluth, solidifying Greystar's trust in our capabilities. Our proven track record in contributing to luxury housing developments demonstrates our ability to consistently meet and surpass upscale standards in the rental housing sector.


The success story of our involvement in The Pearce Collective Project in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, nestled within the dynamic student housing market, this endeavor showcased our dedication to quality. We seamlessly brought this project to life by integrating melamine cabinets and Level 2 quartz for Phase 1. The completion of this significant project not only demonstrated our prowess but also emphasized our adaptability to the unique requirements of student accommodations.
At K Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on our versatility and unwavering commitment to crafting living spaces that cater to specific residential demographics.


In collaboration with Alexander Properties near Kingston, Georgia, K Cabinetry played a pivotal role in enhancing residential units. Our contribution included the provision of stylish American grey cabinets paired with Level 1 granite, aligning seamlessly with the exacting quality standards mandated for government-affiliated housing initiatives. The successful execution of this project not only culminated in the timely delivery of superior products but also resulted in the extension of our partnership. A renewed contract has been secured, paving the way for an upcoming project slated for January 2024. This continued collaboration underscores K Cabinetry's prowess in fostering and maintaining strategic partnerships through unwavering excellence and consistent performance, as exemplified in our enduring relationship with Alexander Properties.

S&A INDUSTRIES- New port coast villas, Aruba Island

Celebrating seven years of partnership, our journey began on picturesque Aruba Island, setting the stage for K Cabinetry Inc. to emerge as a critical supplier for S&A Industries. The success of our initial project, with 2022 billings. This new venture involves supplying cabinets and countertops for the esteemed Marriott Hotels in Aruba, a project scheduled to commence in 2024. The multi-phase nature of this endeavor not only highlights our financial success but underscores our capability for strategic, long-term planning and project execution on an international scale.


K Cabinetry proudly supports DRB Builders in their extensive home construction projects throughout Georgia. Our involvement extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing contributions to new BFR and townhome divisions. The confidence vested in us by DRB Builders underscores our esteemed position as a significant continuous contributor to the housing market in the southeastern states. K Cabinetry is a trusted partner for large-scale multi-family residential construction, embodying a commitment to excellence and innovation in every facet of our collaboration.